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Let's talk food

First things first...

What does my ticket buy me?

Simple: Each ticket affords the attendee to one heaping plate of hardwood-smoked BBQ and sides from each competitor.  Trust us: you will not go home hungry.  We'll also have live music by local duo Cory & Chasey playing on the chalet patio for the duration of the event.

Beverages (besides water—we'll have plenty of that) are BYOB.  Because it's the Happiest Rock in the U.P., the City of Gladstone allows adults the freedom to enjoy alcoholic beverages in all city parks, including the Gladstone Sports Park/Ski Hill.  Pack a cooler, fill your belly, and enjoy the view.

100% of the proceeds from your ticket are donated directly to Common Coast Research & Conservation, a local non-profit benefiting the Hiawatha National Forest.  Help support Common Coast's Peninsula Point Habitat Improvement Project, which is replanting native shrubs and grasses at the tip of the Stonington Peninsula to preserve our local lighthouse site as a critical migratory pathway for birds and butterflies.

In short: We bring the BBQ.  You bring the beverages.  Sunshine, summer breeze, and the best view in Delta County courtesy of Mother Nature.

What's cookin'?

Here's the challenge: Both competitors will cook the same classic BBQ 5-course meal: ribs, pulled pork, mac & cheese, beans, and slaw.  How they choose to interpret, flavor, season, and present each course is up to them!  Both competitors will also prepare two scratch-made sauces to accompany their spread. 

How does the competition work?

Each attendee will cast their vote for their favorite dish in each category: one vote for each of the 5 dishes, plus best sauce.  The competitor with the most votes in each category will be awarded 1 point.

1 point is also awarded for the Best in Show: the single dish with the most votes.

The competitor with the most points wins!

What's at stake?  Only bragging rights, world-renown, and the right to display the Fire on the Mountain trophy on their mantle.  Until next year, that is...

Will there be booze?

All beverages (besides water) are BYOB.  The City of Gladstone allows adults the freedom to enjoy alcoholic beverages in all city parks, including the Gladstone Sports Park/Ski Hill.  All you gotta do is drink responsibly.

I'm vegetarian/vegan/gluten intolerant/allergic to XYZ/not a fan of beans/afraid of spicy food.  Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions/preferences?

What the competitors choose to cook is what you get.  In all likelihood, meat/dairy/gluten/common allergens/spicy stuff should be expected.  Dietary accommodations will not be made, but competitors will be able to answer all dietary questions upon food service.

Can I have seconds?

As much as we would all like to roll you home, our competitors will come prepared to serve one generous serving of each dish to each competitor.  No seconds.  Again: We promise you won't go home hungry.

When do we eat!?

Band starts at 4:00pm. 

BBQ service starts at 5:00pm. 

The winner is announced just before the event ends at 7:00pm.

Somewhere in between there, you eat.  A lot.

Other stuff

It ain't complicated...

Can I bring my kids/dog/vegetarian friend?

Sure!  Whatever you can do in a Gladstone city park, you can do at our event.  The premise of this competition is simple: one ticket, one plate of BBQ from each competitor.  Besides some groovy live music, the rest is up to you.  Bask in the sunshine, play a game of catch or cribbage, get the meat sweats.  Just have fun.

If you don't have a ticket, you can still hang out—you're in a public park, after all.  You just don't get to eat our BBQ...unless somebody is nice enough to sneak you a bite.

where do I Pick up my ticket/ballot/t-shirt?

Tickets are sold exclusively by pre-order on this very website.  No door sales: tickets will not be available for purchase at the event.

WE'VE RECENTLY EXPANDED T-SHIRT SALES TO INCLUDE A FLAT RATE SHIPPING OPTION.  Thank you to those who have reached out wanting to support our cause but are unable to attend!  If you select flat rate shipping as your delivery method, your t-shirt(s) will be shipped following the event to arrive no later than August 31.

Attendees may pick up their pre-ordered tickets, t-shirts, and ballots when you arrive at the event.  The check-in tent will be clearly marked.  Just show us your ID and we'll give you everything you paid for.

Tickets/ballots/t-shirts will only be given to the purchaser—the person associated with the credit card on the purchase.  If somebody else in your party bought your ticket, they must be present to pick it up.

where do I PARK?

Parking is available at the Gladstone Sports Park parking lot.  Overflow parking is available at the baseball field and the disc golf course.  Please do not park directly on North Bluff Road.

Got a question we didn't answer here?

Email and we'll get back to you in a jiffy. 

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